START Seminar — Class Summaries for Spring 2018

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Notes from previous START Seminars: Fall 2017, Spring 2017, Fall 2016, Spring 2016, Fall 2015, Spring 2015, Fall 2014, Spring 2014, Fall 2013, Spring 2013 and Fall 2012.


22 — 26 Jan 2018 [Week 1]

Our first meeting this semester will be held on Monday, 22 Jan 2018.

If you own a laptop, then please bring it to class every day, yet we will be meeting in the PLUIMMS Lab (WLLC 216) that has desktops.

All presentations in this class will use the Assertion-Evidence model (see the following two sites about the design of PowerPoint slides):

Add the Printfriendly extension to the browser on your computer if you want to print web pages. This add-on removes extraneous advertisements, cleans up the page, and makes it easier to read.


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22 – 26 January 2018 [Week 1]
Goals for the semester.

JSC scholarship applications.


List of assignments (for the first few weeks of class):

Assignment (due 26 Jan 2018): JSC scholarship application 1 [5 points]

Email .docx file.

Assignment (due 2 Feb 2018): JSC scholarship application 2 [10 points]

Email .pdf file. Incorporate comments for the 5 Feb 2018 review.

Assignment (due 5 Feb 2018): JSC scholarship peer review [20 points]

Bring printout to class. Incorporate comments for final submission.

Students cannot address participation in NCAA sports in their essay due to NCAA regulations regarding scholarships. Athletes are by no means disqualified from applying for JSC Scholarships.

Assignment (due 9 Feb 2018 by 5:00 p.m.): JSC scholarship submission [30 points]

Be sure to submit scholarship applications on time.

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29 January – 2 February 2018 [Week 2]

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator.

Start saving high-resoultion images for use with the posters. Name the image file such that it can easily be identified with a citation.

Look at the following four links regarding posters (also available on the Writing Guidelines page):

Effective posters
Designing conference posters
Example of a bad scientific poster
Poster and presentation resources

See the following reference:

Colin Purrington, 2016. Designing Conference Posters. Retrieved on 22 January 2017 from

The Johnson State College logo colors:

JSC Blue
JSC Green






HEX #17477a
RGB 23-71-122
CMYK 99-78-26-11
Pantone 653 C

HEX #05703d
RGB 5-112-61
CMYK 90-31-97-21
Pantone 349 C

Many of the logos required for this work are found at S:\Environment and Health Science\logo

Be sure to use the START logo.


5–9 February 2018 [Week 3]

Review scholarship applications.

12–16 February 2018 [Week 4]
Introduction to Adobe Illustrator.

19–23 February 2018 [Week 5]

Work with Illustrator.

Assignment due by 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, 22 February 2018.

Print a color 11x17 draft of your poster and slide it under my office door.


26 February–2 March 2018 [Week 6]

Winter Break–be careful.


5–9 March 2018 [Week 7]

Class canceled on Monday, 5 March 2018; see you next week.



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Final Exam: Monday, 14 May 2018 at 4:00 p.m.

Upcoming Conferences

52nd Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America Northeastern Section
Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center
Burlington, VT
18–20 March 2018
(Expected to attend: Les, Robert, Alec, Adriana, Kayla and ?)

National Conference on Undergraduate Research 2018
University of Central Oklahama
Edmund, OK
4 –7 April 2018
(Expected to attend: Robert and Jocelyn)

Past Conferences for the 2017/2018 Academic Year

1st Vermont State Colleges Symposium at the State House
Montpelier, VT
31 January 2018
(Robert, Alec, Les and a bunch of other JSC students)

NYGeoCon 2017
Conference Center at Lake Placid, NY
17–19 October 2017
(Attended: Les, Robert and Alec)

129th Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America
Seattle, WA
22–25 Oct 2017
(Expected to attend: none)

109th Annual Meeting of the New England Intercollegiate Geological Conference
Bates College, Lewiston, ME
28 Sep–1 Oct 2017
(Expected to attend: none)

Past Conferences for the 2016/2017 Academic Year
2016 Annual Water Quality Conference 5th Annual Meeting
VT Technical College
Randolph, VT
8 June 2016
(Expected to attend: no one)

Geological Society of America
128th Annual Meeting
Denver, Colorado
25 - 28 September 2016
(Expected to attend: no one)


New England Intercollegiate Geological Conference
106th Annual Meeting
Brunswick-Waldoboro area of the Maine coast
14–16 October 2016
(Expected to attend: no one)

Norris Cotton Cancer Center's 2nd Annual Student Oncology Conference
Cancer Center at Dartmouth-Hitchcock
1 Medical Center Drive
Lebanon, NH 03756
23 October 2016
(Attended: Brynn and Kasie)

World Congress on Undergraduate Research
First Annual Meeting
Qatar University
Doha, Qatar
13–15 November 2016
(Attended: Liz, Heather, Shayna and Shavonna)

The New England Association of Environmental Biologists
41st Annual Meeting
Hilton Hartford Hotel
Hartford, CT
14–16 March 2017
(Expected to attend: Heather)

Research on Adaptation to Climate Change Student Research Symposium
9th Annual Meeting
Grand Maple Ballroom at the University of Vermont
Burlington, Vermont
28 March 2017
(Expected to attend: Les, Amanda, and ?)


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