Online Reference Material for the Earth Sciences

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Use the resources below, or click for Vermont-related events, meteorological links, online education, or medical links

Disaster Information
Current Events
Reference material
UC Boulder Natural Hazards Center

Recent Seismic Activity

Houghton Mufflin Geological Glossary

The Vermont Landscape Change Program

USGS Natural Hazards Gateway

Weekly Report of Volcanic Activity

Volcanology photo glossary

NASA Visible Earth

EPA EnviroMapper

West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center

Encyclopedia of Earth

Astronomy Picture of the Day

AAAS Atlas of Population and Environment

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

USGS Glacial Glossary

NOAA Hazard Images

Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration

Local Geology Events

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

NOAA Significant Event Imagery

NASA Earth Observatory

Science Events and Conferences

Astronomical Glossary

Earth Science World Image Bank

 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Vermont Geological Society

Acme Mapper

Earth Revealed Online Video Series

NOAA Storm event database

Space Weather

Directory of Open Access Journals

Earth Science Picture of the Day

TerraServer USA

EPA: Surf Your Watershed

GIS Data Online

 Remote Sensing Resources

USGS Water Resources

 Earthweek: A Diary of the Planet

Army Corps of Engineers Manuals

NASA TV (live)

United Nations' Relief Web

Incident Information Service

Science at NASA

Association for Environmental Studies
and Sciences

 Ocean World

EurekAlert! from AAAS

Google Scholar

Google Hybrid Map
Quantitative Environmental Learning Project

Hydrology of the
Lamoille at Johnson

Unit Conversions

Earth Science World Image Bank
Volcanic Global Risk Identification and Analysis Project

Mass Animal Deaths

The National Academies

Gateway to Astronaut Photography

Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network

Headlines From Space

The US Geological Survey

Top 100 Green blogs for Students

Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center


Mark Francek's Links to Earth Science Web Sites

Videos at TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

AGI Critical Issues Program


Lyell Collection of the Geological Society


AGI Critical Issues Research Database


SCIRUS: Comprehensive Science-Specific Search Engine

Tropical Storm Irene
in VT

AGI Critical Issues Webinars


NEIGC Guidebooks: 1920-1989

Peer-Reviewed Scientific Video Journal

USGS Nonindegenous Aquatic Species Database

Cambridge Open Access Journals European Geosciences Union Open Access Journals

Science Daily

VT Natural Resource Atlas

Elsevier's Science Direct Open Access Journals NationMaster  
  Environmental Justice Geographic Assessment
(and instructions)
US Government's Open Data  
    Water Online  
  Lake Champlain Phosphorous TMDL Science Direct (Cell Reports)  
  Alan Alda's Communicating Science
lecture at UVM and the Center at Stony Brook.
Science Times  

Vermont-related events
Road Closures Weather Lamoille River at Johnson Local Geology Events
VT Council on Rural Development      

Climate Issues and Weather
Real Climate
Carbon Monitoring for Action Earth Trends: Environmental Information Unisys Weather
National Snow and Ice Data Center


National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Weather Underground

Focus the Nation

An Inconvenient Truth

The Future of Coal (a study by the MIT)

NOAA National Weather Service

 New England Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

Stephen Schneider,
Stanford University

National Weather Service Glossary

US Weather Pages

US Global Change Research Program

GCRP Synthesis and Assessment Products

Glossary of Meteorology


Climate 1-Stop

NASA: Global Climate Change

Climate Change Glossary

UV Index

USDA Climate Change Research Center

SSEC Real-time composite animation

Japan Meteorological Agency for Tropical Cyclones

NWS Climate Prediction Center

Vermont State Climate Office

NOAA National Climatic Data Center

Joint Typhoon Warning Center

NWS/NHC Tropical Prediction Center

National Climate Assessment 2014

  Wright-Weather Hurricane tracks by Unisys


Online Education

MIT Open Courseware

Marginal Revolution University

Code School



Kahn Academy

Code Academy

Wolfram Alpha



Web Design





Yossarian Lives!


Password Checker



Erik Kirk on Illustrator (YouTube tutorials)

Tim Berners-Lee


Applied Thematic Analysis



Medical Issues
Global Disease Alerts

TOXNET: Toxicology Data Network

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Encyclopedia of Life

Disease Database

Chemical ID Plus

Collaborative on Health and the Environment

Census of Marine Life

Environmental Health News

Biomedical References: PubMed

Sunscreen Guide

 Videos of surgical procedures

IATP Food and Health

Household Products Database

Emerging Contaminants in the Environment

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

CSPI Guide to Food Additives (and here)

National Pesticide Information Center

Drug Interactions Checker

Macaulay Library of Biodiversity Audio and Video Recordings

As You Sow

Environmental Working Group: Foods

Vermont Tick Tracker

Tick Encounter Resource Center

      UVM Community Medical School Videos
      University of Washington Medical Videos