The College Apartments Update

The goal of the College Apartments Project is to use a less expensive and more environmentally friendly energy source to heat the buildings. The information on this page presents a broad summary of the progress related to this project.


General Overview of the College Apartments Project

The JSC College Apartments use (costly) electric heat. We are in the process of ascertaining a less expensive, and more environmentally friendly energy supply for the College Apartments. The two types of energy sources that we are currently reviewing are i) wind power, and ii) wood chip furnace.

John Zimmerman, from Vermont Environmental Research Associates, Inc. (and a 1983 JSC graduate), and David Blittersdorf, from NRG Systems, Vermont, are looking at the feasibility of installing a medium size wind turbine for JSC (and possibly other colleges in the VSC). They are going to address some issues raised by a DOE Wind Energy proposal.

Discussions regarding the installation of a wood chip furnace at the College Apartments are in the nascent stages.


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