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Jan 01


Title: Community Higher Education School Partnership.
Johnson State College will develop a strong a sustainable partnership with the Morristown School District, Community College of Vermont (Morrisville) and the Volunteer Center of Lamoille Valley. Through shared action planning, the partners will identify and document strategies to collaborate more effectively in providing service learning opportunities for students while addressing real community needs. The focus for JSC will be to support the development of a nonprofit management minor and (through subgrants) support faculty to integrate service learning into coursework.


Ahlkvist, Fink, Mireault, and Green-Reynolds


but on hold

start date:
15 May 01


Title: Computer Laboratory for Undergraduate Research Courses in Behavioral Sciences.
The major objective of this project is developing a computer laboratory for use in psychology and sociology undergraduate courses. This laboratory is filling a critical need, offering undergraduates the opportunity to learn through applied experiences in research design and statistics. The overall emphasis of the laboratory is on active student learning and enhanced instruction. Previously, students in the social and behavioral sciences learned statistics by taking courses from the mathematics department. Now they are exposed to many examples of statistical analysis in social and behavioral science research, indicating its importance and relevance within those disciplines.



8 Dec 00


Title: Cabot Reading Institute: Developing Instructional Strategies and Assessments in Reading.
JSC will work with the Cabot School to develop instructional strategies and assessments to ensure that all students, pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade, meet reading standards. JSC will offer special courses and create a sustainable model for teacher leadership in reading initiatives by hiring a reading consultant to assist in further staff development.


Story and McNamara

Goals 2000
15 Mar 01


Title: Gifted and Talented Education.
The main objective is to provide professional development for classroom teachers in differentiated education and to provide technical assistance to schools developing programs in gifted education. This will be a cooperative effort between the Lamoille North Supervisory Union, the Vermont Council for Gifted Education, and Johnson State College. In addition, this initiative will create a sustaining statewide consultation service for schools about gifted and talented learners, disseminate information about gifted learners to the parents of these children, and work with the Vermont Department of Education to seek permanent funding for this effort.



8 Dec 00


Title: Early Literacy Lab School.
JSC, in association with the Lamoille Area Professional Development Academy, will develop a lab school and graduate course.



VSC Learning Communities Fund


Jan 01


Title: Service Learning Task Force and the Development of a Non-profit Management Minor.
Two goals to be funded by the Learning Communities Fund are as follows: i) Creation of a "Service Learning in Lamoille Valley" brochure, designed to market the strengths of service learning and how the entire community can benefit from understanding the same standards for service learning. ii) Host a second non-profit summit, entitled "Quality Education: Service Learning in Lamoille Valley" (tentative date: March 2001). The agenda has been planned; goals include linking with the local high school service learning class (People's Academy), area non-profits, educators to strategize ways to integrate service learning into all academic disciplines. We will present specific tools to support SL pedagogy [SL contracts, internship contracts, evaluation forms, sample syllabi, web sites, etc].


Hurd and Kanat

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
denied 5/01
2 Mar 01


Title: Stream, wetland, and riparian restoration and education at JSC.

In conjunction with Lamoille County Natural Resources Conservation District and Nature Center, FWS, NRCS, VT ANR and JSC, we will transform the College's Upper Pond to a healthy stream, wetland and riparian habitat. The conversion will be linked to ongoing environmental education at JSC.

Genter, Kanat, and Dolci


denied 3/01

15 Nov 00



Title: Metals, microbes, macrobenthos, and humankind.
Students and local school teachers will apply standard field and laboratory techniques to study the contribution of acid mine drainage to the ecological degradation of rivers associated with three abandoned mines that are of environmental concern to the citizens in Orange County, VT. The relationship between metal concentrations, environmentally stressed populations, and stream dynamics will be used to assess toxicity to the stream environment.



denied 3/01
15 Jan 01


Title: Establishment of a Center for the Study of School-based Social Literacy at JSC.

Unacceptable, antisocial behavior ranging from incivility to violence is perceived to be a serious and worsening problem by the American public, teachers, and students. In the US, legalistic (criminal justice) and medical (chemical sedation) responses continue to be treatments of choice, yet it is education that can provide the most effective, preventive, long-term solution to systemic antisocial and violent behavior.


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