The Dam Update

The goals of the Dam Project are:

  1. Remove upper dam, reclaim wetlands area, and return the stream to its original riparian environment. Habitat restoration and environmental education are key components of this project.
  2. Repair lower dam, dredge the pond, and improve the wetlands area. Lower pond is a storm water retention basin and drains the Bentley Parking lot and part of the JSC campus.

This information on this page presents a broad summary of the progress related to the Dam Project. Numerous agencies have been contacted regarding permits, funding, and engineering work related to this project; details can be obtained from Leslie Kanat.


General Overview of the Dam Project

31 October 2000
Met with Gordon Reynolds from VTC to walk upper pond and discuss the dam project. He came to look at the possibility of mapping upper pond. Gordon will find out what he can do with students and will talk with Tom Davis (Chair of Civil Engg and Env Tech at VTC). We would like to get the mapping completed prior to any significant snowfall.
The State Regulatory Maps indicate that both ponds are classified as wetland areas. Therefore, in order to make any changes, or improvements, we need to get approval from the state (ANR) and the Army Corps of Engineers (a federal body).

3 November 2000
Upper pond was mapped by Gordon Reynolds (VTC), Bruce Adams (VTC student), Jonathan Duquette (VTC student), and Dan Lovell (JSC student). Click
here to see pictures of the mapping project.

7 November 2000
Mike Adams (Corps), Patrick Monk (ANR Wetlands), and Chuck Mitchell (NRCS) met with Les and Vince on campus at 11:30 at upper pond.
Chuck Mitchell, from the National Resource Conservation Service (the new name for the agency that originally built the dam) is mandated by the state to provide technical support for the project. He works through Chris Smith of FWS (that has money for stream restoration projects). Chuck has money for storm water management projects (and possibly Project Impact money). Chuck may be able to provide engineering work because lower pond functions as a storm water detention basin; at least three drains in the college parking lot feed lower pond. The fill used to create the dam for upper pond can be placed on the land to the northwest of the pond to create an athletic field, a rugby field, a skateboard park, or something else. Any ideas? Please share them with us (contact Judy Wilder, Director of Institutional Development at JSC).

4 December 2000
We received a hard copy of the Upper Pond survey from Gordon Reynolds (VTC), and forwarded copies to Chris Smith (Fish and Wildlife Service), Mike Kline (ANR), and Chuck Mitchell (USDA/NRCS).

2 March 2001
Simon Hurd, from the Lamoille County Natural Resources Conservation District and Nature Center, along with Leslie Kanat, submitted a grant proposal to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to secure support to remove the dam at Upper Pond and create long-term monitoring and educational opportunities at JSC.


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