Hydraulic Fracturing

Figure 2. Flammable tap water in Dimmock, Pennsylvania (Fox, 2010).

Figure 1. Methane concentration vs. proximity to drilling in the Marcellus and Utica shale deposits (Osborn, 2011).


Hydraulic fracturing is an environmentally dangerous practice that is not worth the burden on Earths limited supply of fresh water.  Millions of gallons of water are utilized and polluted in the process, (Abdallah and Drohan, 2012) which results in ground water contamination near many drilling sites (Figure 1).  The migration of methane gas from hydraulically fractured wells not only makes water unsafe for human consumption, (Sjolander, 2011) it can also be extremely dangerous (Figure 2).   








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Environmental Science Senior Seminar

Brian Lima

15 May 2014