Wastewater Treatment

Belle Lockwood

Johnson State College

April 30, 2003

Congress, elected officials, and the EPA need to enact and implement stronger regulations on water pollution and improve drinking and wastewater treatment facilities. The Clean Water Act needs to be reassessed in order to stop water pollution from the sources of contamination. The Bush Administration has been cutting protection from the Clean Water Act. The Bush Administration is allowing the heavy metal arsenic in drinking water supplies at near toxic levels. Mercury contaminates waterways and bioaccumulates into fish and increasingly so into human bodies. Methods of obtaining safe and unpolluted water should be a top concern for the nation because of the importance of clean water for human health and the earth's ecosystems.

"Water is the driving force of all nature." (Leonardo DaVinci)

Figure 1. Earth picture taken by crew on board Columbia on its last mission (NASA 2003).

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