Household Energy Efficiency & Conservation:

Making A World of Difference


Melissa Manka

January 18, 2004

Johnson State College

    A continuous supply of fossil fuel derived energy is crucial to the American way of life. The use and abuse of these finite resources have been excelling over the last hundred years.   To date, the U.S. has 4% of the world's population and consumes 26% of the world's energy (Solcomhouse, 2004). High use of fossil fuel derived energy has created excessive amounts of air, water, and land pollution, a decline in known reserves, resource instability, price increases and has negatively affected foreign policy. Conservation and efficient use of energy could reduce the impacts of fossil fuel derived energy, thereby cutting down on pollution, stabilizing resources, creating better foreign policies, and saving money.  Through our daily activities everyone in America can help to reduce impacts and reap the benefits.


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