"A microcosm of the entire environmental movement..."  (Dugger, 1996).


Jessica Pollock


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Big Cypress National Preserve, Florida Open Edition  (Butcher, 2006)


The Everglades is the world’s most famous wetland and has been severely degraded by anthropogenic activities.  In the last five years since the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan was passed, not one single project has been completed.  It is important to understand the history of this unique ecosystem to understand how it has been diminished to such an extent.  "The Everglades are not just stressed.  It is distressed - a condition brought about to a major degree by past works of the flood-control project,"  (Grunwald, 2006).  The motivations behind the restoration of the Everglades are many and much work is needed to be done to demand sound results from the largest restoration plan ever undertaken. 

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