The Effects of Climate Change on Animal Species

Ursa Swift
Johnson State College
Senior Seminar
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The effects of recent regional and global climatic changes, and the subsequent impact on physical and biological processes, has been observed in animal species within all major taxonomic groups and over a wide geographic distribution. Animals are responding and adapting to the warming trend and to changes within ecosystems, in a variety of ways. These changes pose a threat to biodiversity and overall ecological health and balance.

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Figure 1. Polar Bear
(Laird, 2009)

Figure 2. Caribou 
(The Delta News Web, 2010)

Figure 3. Ringed Seal
(Spruance, 2010)

Figure 6. Sea Turtle
(Word press, n/d)

Figure 5. Penguins
(Funanimalfacts, 2010)
Figure 4. Right Whale 
(, 2010)


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